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1. Stephen PHILLIPS was born 1793 in Robeson County, North Carolina to Jesse PHILLIPS and Mary Ann GLARE (daughter of Stephen GLARE and Mary ?). He married Martha Unknown, born 1793 in North Carolina. After their children were born they moved to Sumter Co., Georgia. They are found in the 1850 Census there.

NOTES for Stephen Phillips: Stephen was railroaded out of N.C. The reason was that he was caught trading with a black man after dark. Blacks, at this time, were not allowed to trade after dark. There were other men who wanted Stephen's property and had a black man go to Stephen after dark to trade a pig for some cotton seed. These same men hid in the bushes and watched as the trade took place. They went to Stephen and told him what they witnessed and blackmailed Stephen out of the state. He came to settle in Sumter County, Georgia, where he and his wife died.

NOTES for Stephen and Mary Glare: This couple was poisoned in 1793 by one of their house wenches, named Hanna. She was later caught and hanged in a tree in front of the Glare home in Robeson County, N.C. In 1775 of Bladen County, N.C. Stephen Glare was witness for John Phillips buying 200 acres for 24 lbs. from John Smith on Flowers Swamp. It is believed that this John Phillips is the father of Jesse Phillips who married Mary Ann Glare. No proof at this time.

According to the grandfather's will, Stephen Phillips full name was Stephen Glare PHILLIPS. Stephen had at least one brother Jesse Jr. who married Elizabeth STORM, and one sister Polla (Mary) who married William ELKINS and moved to Illinois. Jesse Jr. stayed in N.C.

NOTE: Mary Ann GLARE had five sisters: Elizabeth m. Sion PITTMAN, Esther m. James SMITH, Celia m. William BRITT, Sarah m. a LITTLE, and Boneter m. a SMITH.

Children of Stephen and Martha Phillips:

i. Loucretia b. abt 1823
m. Jacob Perry

ii. Anna b. 1825, N.C.

+2 iii. John Wilson b. 1826

iv. Martha Ann b. 1829 N.C.
m. Nov. 24, 1850, Sumter Co., Ga.
Andrew Jackson Flowers

v. Eliza J. b. 1834 N.C.
m. a HEWS.




2. John Wilson PHILLIPS was born 1826 in North Carolina. He married 18 Sept 1851 in Sumter Co., Ga, to Edith Ann "Edie/Edyann" BARLOW b. 1834 in Alabama (NOTE: It is believed that she was the daughter of John or James BARLOW and Elizabeth Unknown) d.Miller Co., Ga. John Phillips died in Miller Co., Ga. Both are buried at Bellevue Cemetary in Miller Co., Ga.

NOTES for John Phillips: After John and Edith married, John moved a house onto Stephen's (his father) property. The two had a horrific verbal fight about it because John had put the house in a place Stephen didn't want him to. John and Edith left for Barbour County Alabama where her family lived. This is where their first five children were born. They then moved back to Georgia and settled in the Bellview area for Miller County and raised their family. They are buried at the Bellview Baptist Chruch in Miller County, Ga. John and his father never spoke to each other after the fight.

NOTE: Edith had these siblings: William b. 1833 Ga. m. Susan??; Wilson Hugh b. 1835 (twin to Edith) and m. Mary Ann Brown Jan 2,1862 in Sumter Co., Ga.; Henry b. 1837 Ga.; Elizabeth b. 1840 Ga.; and Sarah b. 1841 Ga. Any additional information on Edith would be most appreciated. Thank you.

i. Enos b. 1853; Alabama

ii. Julia Ann b. 1855; Alabama
m. Robert BROWN

iii. Martha b. 17 June 1856; Alabama
m. William WATSON b. abt 1850

+3 iv. Marianne F. b. 1857; Alabama

v. Macy Lenore b. 11, Nov 1858; Alabama
m. Jeff STOKES

+4 vi. John Wilson Jr. b. 25 Aug 1860; Georgia

vii. William Walter b. 1862; Georgia
m. Sallie BROWN

+5 viii. Andrew Stephen b.1866; Georgia

ix. Amanda "Mandy A. B. 1867; Georgia
m. Bill COBB.

x. Eda Lilyer "Lilla" b. 27 June 1870; Georgia

xi. James Henry b. 1868; Georgia
m. Beulah FLOWERS.

xii. Minnie E. b. 1873; Georgia
m. John DEES

xiii. Charlie Bruce b. 3 Mar 1876; Georgia.

xiv. Ada b. 1878; Georgia




3. Marianne F. PHILLIPS was born 1857 and married Amos Sam ADDISON.

i. Amos Isaac ADDISON


4. John Wilson PHILLIPS Jr. was born 25 Aug 1860 in Ga. He married Nancy Jane PHILLIPS, b. 13 Sept 1866,(daughter of John A. "Grandser" PHILLIPS and Nancy Lucille POWELL)d. 25 Feb 1945 in Miller Co., Ga. John died 13 Nov 1922. Both are buried at Pilgram's Rest (White's Bridge) Baptist Church.

This was at the 1912 Phillips Reunion

This is a picture I found of John Wilson and Nancy Jane Phillips.

NOTE: I am trying to find more information on Nancy POWELL.

+6 i. Ludie Eustus

+7 ii. John Perry

+8 iii. Billy Buford

+9 iv. Smiley Wilkin

+10 v. Idus Oliver

+11 vi. Dewey Wilson

+12 vii. Cappie Clara

+13 Viii. Maston O'Neal

ix. Nancy Jennie Lillain


5. Andrew Stephen PHILLIPS was born 6 May 1866 and died 4 July 1924 in Miller Co., Ga. He married abt 1885 to Mary Alice DEES b. 7 Apr 1867 and died 24 Sept 1931 in Miller Co., Ga.




6.Ludie Eustus PHILLIPS b. 26 Sept. 1887 d. 10 July 1961, married 17 Jan 1909, Minnie Beatrice KIMBREL b. 25 Jan 1885 d. 18 Oct 1974. Both died in Miller Co., Ga. Buried at Pilgram's Rest Church.

i. J C Vickory (adopted) b.25 Feb 1907 Atlanta, Ga

+14 ii. Lucille Phillips b. 4 Nov 1909 D. 1 June 1970

+15 iii. Janie Inez Pillips b. 6 Dec 1913

+16 iv. Susie Marguerite Phllips b.6 May 1915 d. 11 Oct 1997

+17 v.Ludie Curtis Phillips b. 19 Nov 1917 d. 17 Apr 1995

vi. Roscoe Dewitt Phillips b. 22 Jan 1920 d. 6 Sept 1942

vii.James Cecil Phillips b. 20 Mar 1921 d. 28 Jan 1924


7. John Perry PHILLIPS b. 1890, d. 20 Nov 1972, married Elizabeth "Bessie" OLIVER. John died in Miller Co., Ga. Bessie died in Miami, Fl.

i. Woodrow Wilson Phillips d. infancy

ii. Perry Edison Phillips

+18 iii. Wendell Phillips

+19 iv. John Paul Phillips


8. Billy Buford PHILLIPS b. 13 Jan 1892 d. 1929 married, 17 Jul 1913 Azziline GODWIN. d. Oct. 1970

i. Etha Phillips Hines

ii. Billy B. Phillips Jr.

iii. Florence Phillips Bepko

iv. John Allen Phillips


9. Smiley Wilkin PHILLIPS b. 10 Nov 1893, d. 22 Jun 1937, married 28 Jan 1922 Florence YATES b. 11 Jan 1894 d. 15 Jun 1935. Both died in Miller Co., Ga. and are buried at Pilgram's Rest Chruch.

i. Hilda Phillips b. 1922

ii. Wilkin Jeanette Phillips b. 1923

iii. Smiley Clinton Phillips

iv. Alma Jean Phillips

v. Sarah Alice Phillips


10. Idus Oliver PHILLIPS b. 31 Jan 1896 d. 21 May 1964, married 7 Feb 1917 to Emma Mae SCOTT b. 7 Feb 1899, d. 17 Apr 1986. Both died in Decatur Co., Ga. and are buried at Bellview Baptist Church in Miller Co. Ga.

i. Annie Pearl Phillips

ii. Ida Mae Phillips

iii. John Oliver Phillips

iv. Hazel Lou Phillips m. Joe Toole

v. Sara Phillips m. Roland Grimes

vi. Betty Phillips m. Humphries

vii. Emma Phillips m. Wacaser


11. Dewey Wilson PHILLIPS b. 13 Jul 1898 d. 25 Nov 1971, married 13 Nov 1922 Ella ALSTON b. 13 Apr 1902 d. 21 Feb 1967. Both died in Miller Co., Ga. and are buried at Pilgram's Rest Church.

i. Ella Rosanelle Phillips b. 1923 d. 1933

ii. Janie Caroline Phillips m. Hilton Sheffield

iii. Mytrice Lorraine Phillips. Blackman

iv. Roy Dewey Phillips b. 1930 d. 1931

v. John Kenneth Phillips d. infancy

vi. Talmage Eugene Phillips

vii. Tom Linder Phillips d. infancy

viii. Elsie Pauline Phillips d. infancy

ix. Nancy Joan


12. Cappie Clara PHILLIPS married Bracy Oran PHILLIPS. Both died in Miller Co. Ga. and buried at Pilgram's Rest Church.

i. Bracy Clanton Phillips

ii. Ewert Phillips

iii. Jennie Lillian Phillips

iv. Stanley Phillips

v. Jerry Phillips


13. Maston O'Neal Sr. PHILLIPS was born 14 Nov 1902 in Miller Co. Ga. He married (1)Rachel MILLER-no children; (2) married on 3 July 1926 to Leona Ruth DONALSON b. 29 Aug 1907 in Decatur Co., Ga.(daughter of John William DONALSON and Dolly Mae DODSON). "O'Neal" died 24 Feb 1981 in Miller Co., Ga. "Ruth" died 29 Oct 1988 in Miller Co. Ga. Both are buried at Pilgram's Rest Church in Miller Co., Ga.

Ruth and Oneal Phillips

i. Cappie Ruth Phillips
b. 1927, Miller Co., Ga.
died 1933, Miller Co., Ga.

+20 ii. John Wilson Phillips, living

+21 iii. Dollie Estelle Phillips, living

+22 iv. Kattie Azziline Phillips, living

+23 v. Maston O'Neal Phillips Jr., living

+24 vi. Nancy "Lois" Phillips, living

+25 vii. Harry Anderson Phillips

+26 viii. William Smiley "Bill" Phillips

ix. Donald Dennis Phillips
b. 1942, Miller Co., Ga.
d. 1944, Miller Co., Ga.

+27 x. Etha Yvonne Phillips,

xi. Larry Calvin Phillips
b. 1946, Miller Co., Ga
d. 1946, Miller Co., Ga.

+28 xii. Myra Jeanette Phillips, living

xiii. Ruby Louise Phillips
b.1949, Miller Co., Ga.
d. 1949, Miller Co., Ga.

+29 xiv. Walter Robert "Bobby" Phillips, living




14. Lucille PHILLIPS married (1)Bill MAINE; (2)Harold CUFFE- no children; (3)Euly GREEN-no children.

i. Phillip Fredrick MAINE

ii. Sherry Ann MAINE


15. Janie Inez PHILLIPS married (1)Bronnie O. BRONSON; married (2)Carl WOLFF.

i. Sybil Anita BRONSON

ii. Marshall Paul BRONSON

iii. David O. BRONSON


16. Susie Marguerite PHILLIPS married Fred JONES.

i. Gerald Fredrick JONES

ii. Paticia Marguerite JONES

iii. Jacqueline JONES

iv. Margret Ann JONES

v. Cynthia JONES


17. Ludie Curtis PHILLIPS b. 1917 d. 1995 married 1937 Lois MIDDLETON b. 1922 d. 1978.

i. James Daniel Phillips, m. Stella Marie Anderson

ii. Ray Allen Phillips
m. Eloise Mock

iii. Kathrine Phillips m. Donald Jackson

iv. Rosco Kenneth Phillips M. Mary Phyllis Combast

v. Linda Phillips Jerry Lee Adderson

vi. Christine Phillips m. 1. Charles Lister, 2. Melvin Pettit


18. Wendell PHILLIPS married Lureen Unknown PHILLIPS.

i. Richard Phillips

ii. Michael Phillips


19. John Paul PHILLIPS married Elizabeth Unknown PHILLIPS.

i. John Paul Phillips Jr.

ii. Dewitt Phillips


20. John Wilson Sr. PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married (1)Mary Ellen COOK from Decatur Co., Ga; married (2)Loretta GORDON from Miller Co., Ga.-no children.

+30 i. John Wilson Phillips Jr.

+31 ii. Melissa Jane Phillips

+32 iii. Mary Juanita Phillips

+33 iv. Roy Cecil Phillips

+34 v. Buford "Earl" Phillips


21. Dollie Estelle PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga and married (1)Martin ADKINS from Columbus Ga. married (2)Glenn CHILDREE born in Alabama-no children.

+35 i. Andrew Martin ADKINS

+36 ii. Rita Faye ADKINS

+37 iii. Tammie Ruth ADKINS


22. Katie Azziline PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Malvin Percy NIX born in Decatur Co., Ga.

+38 i. Nora Katherine NIX

+39 ii. Sandra Kay NIX

+40 iii. Brenda Gail NIX

iv. Rebecca Dawn NIX


23. Maston O'Neal Jr. PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Patricia "Pat" WILLIS from Pelham, Ga.

+41 i. Richard Wayne

+42 ii. Susan Diane

+43 iii. Gregory Allen

+44 iv. Robbie LaDon


24. Nancy Lois PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Alley R. WILBOURN from Early Co., Ga.

+45 i. Vickie Lynn WILBOURN

ii. Terry Alan WILBOURN

+46 iii. Roger Dale WILBOURN

+47 iv. Deana Arlene WILBOURN

+48 v. Lori Alis WILBOURN

+49 vi. Christa Kaye WILBOURN


25. Harry Anderson PHILLIPS was born 5 Apr 1938 in Miller Co., Ga. and married Linda JOHNSON b. 1945 in Georgia, d. 4 May 1980 in Baconton, Ga. Harry died 4 May 1980 Baconton, Ga. buried in Miller Co., Ga.

+50 i. Harry Daniel "Danny" Phillips

ii. Thomas Keith "Tommy" hillips

iii. Michael Derick "Mike" Phillips

iv. Waymon "Eric" Phillips


26. William Smiley "Bill" PHILLIPS was born 16 Mar 1940 in Miller Co., Ga. and married (1)Nellie SWEARINGAN- no children; married (2) Lynette Irene ROGERS from Colorado. "Bill" died Feb. 7, 1999 at home in Miller Co., Ga. He is buried at Pilgram's Rest (White's Bridge) Baptist Church in Miller Co., Ga.

i. "Ashley" Lynette Phillips

ii. "Bradley" Lavon Phillips


27. Etha "Yvonne" PHILLIPS was born in Miler Co., Ga. and married (1)Dale PERIN; married (2)Charles W. GASTON from Ga. Yvonne died October 29, 2000 in Decatur County Georgia. She is burried at the Gaston Family plot in Decatur County, Georgia.

+51 i. Charles Edward "Chuckie" GASTON

+52 ii. "Starla" Marie Perin GASTON

+53 iii. "Sherry" Marlene GASTON

+54 iv. Lakeisha "Keisha" Ann GASTON

v. Shana Marie GASTON


28. "Myra" Jeantte PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga and married (1)Alfred Perry TAYLOR from Orlando, Fl.; married (2)James Fremont STRANG born in Browns Valley, Minn.

+55 i. Joseph Paul "Joey" TAYLOR


29. Walter Robert "Bobby" PHILLIPS Was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married (1)Teri VALDEZ from Colorado; married (2)Chirl HUNTLY from Decatur Co., Ga.-no children.

i. Robert Oneal PHILLIPS
b. 10 Mar 1978, Miller Co. Georgia
d. 23 Sept 1994, Miler Co., Ga.

ii. Scott Anderson PHILLIPS




30. John Wilson Jr. PHILLIPS was born in Miller co., Ga. and married Kathryn KOCHER from Bethesda Md.

+56 i. Johnny Christopher "Chris" Phillips


31. Melissa "Jane" PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Charles CAMPBELL from Florida.

i. Kimberly Renae "Kim" CAMPBELL


32. Mary Juanita "Nita" PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married (1) Roy E. MILLS from Georgia; married (2)Charles WILDER from Georgia-no children.

i. Roy E. "Bo" MILLS

+57 ii. Bobby MILLS

+58 iii. Rocky MILLS


33. "Roy" Cecil PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Darlene SANDERS from Pelham, Ga.

i. Angela Phillips

ii. Levi Phillips


34. Buford "Earl" PHILLIPS was born 21 Aug 1958 in Miller co., Ga. and married Debbie BULLOCH (2 children); married Mona ROGERS (1 Child). Earl died in 1991 and is buried at Pilgram's Rest (White's Bridge) Baptist Church in Miller Co., Ga.

+59 i. April PHILLIPS

+60 ii. Rebecca "Becky" PHILLIPS

iii. "Matthew" Earl PHILLIPS


35. Andrew Martin "Andy" ADKINS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married (1)Carol unknown from Ga.; married (2)Jeanie unknown from Fla.-no children.

i. Andrew "Marty" ADKINS


36. "Rita" Faye ADKINS was born in Miller Co., Ga and married (1) Frank HUGGINS from Seminole Co., Ga (2 children); married (2)Mitch LOGUE born unknown (1 child).

i. Jared HUGGINS

ii. Jeromy HUGGINS

iii. Derik LOGUE


37. "Tammie " Ruth was born in Miller Co., Ga and married (1)Woody Mitchell; married (2) a BRINSON.

i. Danielle "Dani" MITCHELL

ii. Brandi BRINSON


38. Nora Katherine "Kathy" NIX was born in Va. and married Glenn COLWELL from Ct. They were married in Orlando, Fl.


ii. Heather COLWELL


30. Sandra Kay NIX was born in Fl. and married Steve TABB from Miller Co., Ga.

i. Jason Michael TABB

ii. "Rusty" Wayne TABB


40. "Brenda" Gail NIX was born in S.C. and married (1)Marvin BEAN; married (2)Lonnie POE. Children:
i. Christina Lynn "Tina" BEAN

ii. "Stephanie" Denise BEAN

iii. Jacob Kyle "Jake" POE

iv. "Alicia" Gail POE


41. Richard "Ricky" Wayne PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Melba PURVIS.


ii. Tyler PHILLIPS


42. Susan Diane PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga. and married Stanley WADE

i. Kellie WADE

ii. Misty WADE


43. Gregory Allen "Greg" PHILLIPS was born in Miler Co., Ga. and married Laurian BOYD from Miller Co., Ga.

i. Joshua "Josh" Allen PHILLIPS

ii. "Cody" Blake PHILLIPS

iii. "Adam" Casey PHILLIPS


44. "Robbie LaDon PHILLIPS was born in Miller Co., Ga., and married Rachael unknown.

i. Katlyn PHILLIPS

ii. Kalab PHILLIPS

iii. Jordan PHILLIPS


45. "Vickie" Lynn WILBOURN married (1)Fain GRIFFIN; married (2) Don SINGLETON- no children.

+61 i. "Amy" Lynn GRIFFIN

ii. "Wendell Fain GRIFFIN


46. Roger Dale WILBOURN married unknown.



47. Deana Arlene WILBOURN married (1)unknown; married (2) Todd STEMPINSKI.

i. Allen unknown


48. Lori Alis WILBOURN married (1) Carlos CARNEY; married (2) Chad unknown.

i. Darby CARNEY

ii. Joshua CARNEY


49. Christa Kaye WILBOURN married Mike Long

i. Blake WILBURN

ii. Christopher LONG

iii. Tara LONG


50. Harry Daniel "Danny" PHILLIPS was born in Decatur Co., Ga and married Sandra BURRELL from Albany, Ga.


ii. Alicia PHILLIPS


51. Charles Edward "Chuckie GASTON married Terri unknown.

i. Shameika "Meika" GASTON


52. Starla Marie PERIN GASTON.

i. Shenna Gaston

ii. Salome GASTON


53. Sherry Marlene GASTON married a COLLIER.

i. Matthew COLLIER

ii. Christopher COLLIER

iii. Gavin THOMPSON


54. Lakeisha "Keisha" Ann GASTON married Stephen LANGDON.

i. Alanna LANGDON


55. Joseph Paul "Joey" TAYLOR was born in Orlando, Fl. and married Michele ALDERENTE of El Paso Texas.

i. "Cody" Paul Taylor

11."Mary" Elizabeth Taylor




56. Johnny Christopher "Chris" PHILLIPS was born in Decatur Co., Ga and married Angie WHIDDON of Albany, Ga.

i. "Shelli" Jade PHILLIPS

ii. Tristan "Stone" PHILLIPS


57. Bobby MILLS was born in Seminole Co., Ga. and married Peggy HAND of Decatur Co., Ga.

i. Will MILLS


58. Rocky MILLS was born in Seminole Co., Ga. and married Heather PRINCE of Decatur Co., Ga.

i. Drew Allen MILLS


59. April PHILLIPS was born in Decatur Co., Ga. and married Jammy LASHLEY of Decatur Co., Ga.

i. Deborah Christine LASHLEY


60. Rebecca PHILLIPS was born in Decatur Co., Ga. and married David Jr. KING of Decatur Co., Ga.

i. April Rebecca KING


61. Amy GRIFFIN has 1 child.

i. Kendell GRIFFIN




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